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Portable outdoor energy storage is another 100 billion track
Time£º October 10,2023   Views£º 576  
With the development of economy and society and the improvement of people's living standards, leisure and entertainment activities such as outdoor travel, camping, and self-driving tours are becoming more and more popular, and these activities often need to be carried out in an environment without a stable power grid supply, so the demand for electricity also increasing.
Although traditional small fuel generators can provide a certain amount of power, they are noisy, complicated to operate, pollute the environment, and are not suitable for outdoor use.
The portable energy storage power supply, referred to as "outdoor power supply", is a small energy storage device with a built-in lithium-ion battery that replaces the traditional small fuel generator. It has the characteristics of large capacity, high power, safety and portability, and can provide stable AC power. /DC voltage output power supply system, battery capacity is 100Wh-3000Wh, equipped with various interfaces such as AC, DC, Type-C, USB, PD, etc., can match mainstream electronic equipment on the market, and is suitable for outdoor travel, emergency relief, medical treatment Multiple scenarios such as emergency rescue and outdoor operations.
Portable energy storage power supply can not only meet the power demand of various equipment in outdoor activities, such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, photographic equipment, lighting, etc., but also can be used in conjunction with solar photovoltaic panels to achieve fast charging and renewable energy utilization . In addition, the portable energy storage power supply can also be used as an emergency backup power supply, providing off-grid power supply in case of natural disasters or emergencies, and ensuring people's basic living and working needs in emergencies. For example, in Japan, a country with frequent earthquake disasters, portable energy storage power supply has become one of the necessary disaster prevention items for people's families.
According to statistics, the global portable energy storage market revenue will reach 11.1 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 161.3%, and is expected to reach 20 billion yuan in 2022. The United States and Japan are the pioneers and major consumers of the global portable energy storage market, accounting for 47.3% and 29.6% of the market share, respectively. American residents have a strong interest in and a high degree of participation in outdoor activities, and more than 160 million people participate in outdoor activities every year. Due to its geographical location and climate, Japan is often affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and has a strong demand for emergency backup power. As the largest developing country in the world, China has a huge population base and a consumer market. With the improvement of economic level and quality of life, the demand for outdoor travel and emergency preparedness is also growing
The development of portable energy storage power is inseparable from the progress of lithium battery technology and the reduction of cost. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have the advantages of longer service life, low failure rate, light weight, small size, high energy density, and fast charging. With the continuous innovation and optimization of electrochemical energy storage technology, the endurance, stability and safety of lithium batteries will be further improved, while the price of lithium batteries is also decreasing year by year, and it is expected to drop below US$100/kWh in 2025 . This will make portable energy storage power more cost-effective and easier to be accepted and purchased by consumers.
The market prospect of portable energy storage power supply is broad, but it also faces some challenges and problems. On the one hand, the standardization and standardization of portable energy storage power supply is low, and different countries and regions have different requirements and certifications for product safety, quality, performance, etc. This brings certain difficulties and costs to the production and export of portable energy storage power supplies. On the other hand, the popularity and awareness of portable energy storage power supply needs to be improved. Consumers do not know enough about the product's functions, characteristics, and usage methods, and they need to strengthen publicity and education. In addition, the market competition for portable energy storage power supplies is becoming increasingly fierce, and manufacturers need to continuously innovate and optimize products to enhance brand influence and user experience.
Portable energy storage power supply is an emerging small energy storage device with a wide range of application scenarios and huge market potential. With the advancement of technology and the reduction of cost, portable energy storage power supply will provide people with more convenient, safe and environmentally friendly power services, and become an essential artifact for outdoor activities and emergency preparedness.
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