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Talk about the advantages of portable energy storage power supply
Time£º October 10,2023   Views£º 534  
Most of the outdoor power supplies at this stage use lithium batteries to store energy, and boost the low-voltage direct current (12V or 48V, etc.) of the internal battery to 220V AC output, which is the inverter function.
If the portable energy storage power supply adopts fast charging technology, it will have high requirements on the quality of the battery, internal components, management system and input and output interfaces inside the outdoor power supply; so when choosing an outdoor energy storage power supply, you must look at Be clear about the product; or when choosing a brand, it is more reassuring to choose a portable energy storage power supply produced by a relatively strong and powerful manufacturer; so as not to be deceived.
What are the advantages of portable energy storage power supplies used outdoors?
¢Ù The overall structure design can be carried with you, small and convenient
¢Ú Most of the constituent materials are anti-drop, earthquake-resistant, fire-proof, and rain-proof, and the internal materials are small in size, light in weight, and high in power.
¢ÛPerformance characteristics With AC 220V/110V ultra-high power output, overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection design
¢Ü High power output, each voltage is high current output
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