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Three advantages and uses of portable outdoor energy storage power supply
Time£º October 10,2023   Views£º 685  
What is the purpose of UPS portable energy storage power supply? What are the advantages of portable UPS energy storage power supply? Energy storage has outstanding advantages, longer service life, low failure rate, lighter weight, small size, high energy density, and fast charging. It has become the choice of current consumers to replace generators. The following lithium battery manufacturers are here to come with you to understand what the portable UPS energy storage power supply is for?
What is a Portable UPS?
Portable UPS energy storage power supply is a kind of UPS mobile power supply for outdoor emergency use. The biggest feature is that it is very convenient to carry, so it is very popular among customers in outdoor emergency power supply. The energy storage power supply is mainly used in emergency treatment and to meet the needs of outdoor electricity consumption. It can meet the use of large and small power appliances and solve the problem of outdoor electricity consumption.
The use of portable UPS energy storage power supply
The important purpose is to convert DC power into mains power through its own system equipment. It is used to supply stable and uninterrupted power supply to electrical appliances such as computers and mobile phones outdoors. The portable UPS energy storage power supply can continue to supply 220V AC power to the load through the method of switching and converting the DC power stored in the battery, so that the load can maintain normal operation and protect the software and hardware of the load from damage.
Design Advantages of Portable UPS
1. Integrated design
The integrated design is a kind of response design of portable UPS for changing use environment. The integrated design can make the lithium-ion battery and the circuit inside the UPS more compactly placed together. It makes the appearance more regular, and also reduces the appearance of redundant gaps, which is more conducive to reducing the impact of external factors on the portable UPS.
2. Appearance design
For outdoor use, it is easy to carry and move. The appearance of the portable UPS is also designed to provide users with a better experience. In addition to the difference in appearance and shape from other types of lithium-ion battery UPSs, portable UPSs are also more solid and durable in terms of materials. Imported high-strength engineering plastics are used, which have the functions of anti-drop, anti-seismic, fireproof, and rainproof.
3. Protection design
In addition to the external design, the safety protection of the internal system of the portable UPS is also designed. Unique protective wall design, and overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection design, overload, overcurrent, overcharge, overdischarge protection, etc.
The portable UPS energy storage power supply is designed for outdoor emergency power supply from the internal system to the appearance. It can be used in mountainous areas without electricity, pastoral areas, field investigations, outings for travel and leisure, or as DC and AC power sources on cars and boats. It can be used for both lighting and other loads, and can also be used in emergency rescue, emergency power supply, backup power supply and other usage scenarios.
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